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2004 and 2009: International Conference “The Changing Face of Music Education”

The first major international conference on "The Changing Face of Music Education" took place in 2004 at Tallinn University (TLU), main organizers where Tiina Selke, Kerri Kotta and Maris Männik-Kirme. Foreign guests came from Finland, Great Britain, Hungary, Belarus, Ireland and Latvia. The keynote speaker was prof. Keith Swanwick from the University of London. The number of participants and the audience was around 150.

Second conference of the same name with the subtitle "
Music and Environment" took place in 2009 at Tallinn University (TLU), main organizers where Tiina Selke, Kerri Kotta and Gerhard Lock. Forign guests came from Finland, Latvia, USA, Great Britain, Norway, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Serbia, Hungary, Turkey, Australia, France, Greece, Italy and Russia. Keynote speakers were prof. John Sloboda (Keele University), prof. Mario Baroni (Bologna University), prof. Pozzi Escot and prof. Robert Cogan (Boston, New England Conservatory). The number of participants and the audience was around 200.

Three concerts were organized during
the 2009 conference: the Norwegian-Tamil-Estonian children's concert, ETV children's and Vaasa Onkilahden school's children's concert and a concert with Estonian and American contemporary music (H. Tulve, M. Vihmand, P. Escot, R. Cogan)  performed by Jon Sakata & Jung Mi Lee (piano) and Joan Heller (sopran) (all USA). The conference was financially supported by U.S. and Austrian embassies, City of Tallinn and Cultural Endowment of Estonia.

Both conferences were represented by nationally and internationally renowned scholars from different fields; in 2009 beside professionals from music pedagogy also specialist from music theory, composition, and dance. Both conferences were active in knowledge-exchange forums for researchers, headlined by the top experts in their area. Part of the conferences were also practical workshops, which proved popular in both occasions.

Audience were scientists, but also Estonian music teachers, who carried forward  conferences' experiences to schools. Conferences' positive and lasting impact is felt both in Estonia as well as those countries where the foreign guests came from. It has resulted in increased links between the Estonian and international researchers.

Both the conference abstracts and selected articles have been published on CD-ROM:
2004 (ISBN 9985-58-314-0)
2009 (ISBN 978-9985-58-632-7)


CD-ROM publication
„The Changing Face of Music Education“. 1st International Conference. Editor-in-chief Tiina Selke. Tallinn: Tallinn pedagogical University. 20 articles, 188 pages.

Editorial board: Gary McPherson (University of South Wales), Jukka Louhivuori (Jyväskylä University), Jaan Ross (University of Tartu, Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre), Antti Juvonen (University Joensuu), Mikko Anttila (University Joensuu), Uladzimir Slabin (Vitsyebsk Institute of Modern Knowledge), David Carey (Froebel College of Education Dublin), Ieva Vizule (University of the West of England/Ventspils University College), Francis Kiernan (Jyväskylä University), Maris Kirme (Tallinna Pedagogical University), Tiina Selke (Tallinna Pedagogical University), Kerri Kotta (Tallinna Pedagogical University/Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre).


CD-ROM publication
„Music and Environment“.
The Changing Face of Music Education“. 2nd International Conference. Editor-in-chief Tiina Selke, technical editor Gerhard Lock. Tallinn: Tallinn University.

The aim of the conference “The Changing Face of Music Education” is to bring together educators, musicologists, and practicing musicians in order to promote and generate new ideas about music and music education. The main topic of the conference on music education is environment. In a very broad sense, the concept of environment can refer to mental, cultural, social, or the physical environment, which in turn, can be created, reflected, and integrated with the music and different music activities. The aim of the conference is to emphasize the importance of the environment in music education or closely related fields and to generate further ideas as to how knowledge of the environmental aspect can enhance the quality of our everyday praxis. The conference is taking place in Tallinn, Estonia, from April 23–25, 2009. It is hosted by the Department of Music of the Institute of Fine Arts at Tallinn University. There were
submitted 98 abstracts. Each abstract was peer-reviewed by three evaluators. The authors whose abstracts were accepted were enabled to submit the full text of their presentation, which, in turn, were again peer-reviewed by two or three international experts. As a result, the proceedings include 68 abstracts and 35 articles.

Editorial board: John Sloboda (Keele University), Jaan Ross (Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, University of Tartu), Tiina Selka (Tallinn University), Kerri Kotta (Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, Tallinn University), Gerhard Lock (Tallinn University, Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre), Pozzi Escot (New England Conservatory Boston), Alison Daubney (University of Sussex, Roehampton University London), Jelena Davidova (Daugavpils University), Nigel Marshall (Roehampton University London), Mikko Anttila (University of Joensuu), Antti Juvonen (University of Joensuu), Dominik Sedivy (Universität Wien, Universität Klagenfurt), David Yoken (Turku University of Applied Sciences), Leith Symington (University of Stavanger)



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