5th Music Psychology Course 2012 April, 9-12
Guest lectures: Prof. Raymond MacDonald (UK), Prof. Nigel Marshall (UK)
Additional fee 40 € is required, to be payed together with CFMAEYTT2012 participation fee.


1st Music Improvisation Course April, 9-11/13
Guest teachers: Prof. Raymond MacDonald (saxophone) (UK) Prof. Michael Rossi (saxophone) (South-Africa)
Additional fee 25 € is required, to be payed together with CFMAEYTT2012 participation fee


2nd Teacher Training Seminar 2012 April, 12-13
“Creativity, musicality and wellbeing: practical teachers' mentor training”


5th scientific conference for BA, MA and PhD students
The Changing Face of Music and Art Education: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
Creativity, musicality and wellbeing
Tallinn University, April, 12–13, 2012




KUM7081 Music, Psychology and Development

09.–13.04.2012, 3 EAP, formative assessment, pass or fail assessment

Course aims: This course offers an overview on the basic issues of music psychology, development, and education.

Brief description: Students are introduced into traditions, recurrent questions and topics, and related research methodologies. Topics cover the concept of music, basic questions of developmental psychology, principles of musical learning, biological and neurophysiological foundations of music. The main focus is put on the elementary musical activities: listening, vocalisation, and motor movements.

Lectures are in English, seminars in Estonian.

Raymond MacDonald is Professor of Music Psychology and Improvisation at the School of Health and Life Sciences at Glasgow Caledonian University. He graduated (PhD) at Glasgow University (UK), leads internationally supported research projects, issues books and is editor of several journals in the field of music psychology, education and jazz. As a saxophonist and composer his recorded output can be heard on over 40 CDs and he performs internationally with some of the world’s leading improvising musicians including Evan Parker, Keith Tippett, George Lewis and Barry Guy. He co-leads The George Burt / Raymond MacDonald Quartet (‘leading Scottish contemporary jazz’, The Guardian) and is a founder member of The Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra (‘the premier league of the international improvisation scene’, Sueddeutsche Zeitung).

Nigel Marshall
is currently the Program Convener of the MA in Applied Music Education. This unique course offers a variety of pathways through to a named award in Music Education, Psychology of Music or Music in Early Years. The MA program operates in partnership with the M.Sc / M.A in Applied Music Psychology. He is a Member of the British Psychological Society and is currently the Coordinator for the European Teachers in Music Education group (EuroTEAM). This team brings together academics from all over Europe with a research interest in music education. He is also a composer of music for children and a violinist.

Responsible lecturer: associated prof. Tiina Selke (PhD)
Course coordinator: lecturer Gerhard Lock (MA, PhD student)

LECTURERS of the 5th Music Psychology Course (MPC2012)

Raymond MacDonald (UK)
Professor of Music Psychology and Improvisation
Glasgow Caledonian University
Tallinn University Guest Lecturer

Nigel Marshall (UK)
Roehampton University
Centre for International Research in Creativity and Learning

Galina Zavadska (LV)
Daugavpils University

SCHEDULE of the 5th Music Psychology Course

Update APRIL 5, 2012


Update APRIL 5, 2012



Participation in MPC 2012

Additional fee 40 € is required, to be payed together with CFMAEYTT2012 participation fee

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