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Creativity, Musicality, Well-Being

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Vol. 4 no. 1 April 12, 2012 at international conference CFMAEYTT2012 Tallinn University Uus sadama 5 Mare building M-218, 13.00.

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Institute of Fine Arts 2012 publication presentation day
Tallinn University Uus sadama 5 Mare building Atrium, 16.00.

Editorial April 2012
Volume 4 - 2012

The Changing Face of Music and Art Education is a peer-reviewed journal with an international editorial board. Its aim is to issue research in the field of music and art education and its related interdisciplinary fields. As a young and developing journal we are delighted to announce its fourth volume splited up into two issues. Both are devoted to creativity, musicality and well-being and offer different subtopics within the main fields of music and art education.

The first issue includes seven articles on the following subtopics: History of music education and teaching methodologies, Musicality - therapeutic and emotional response, Creativity and improvisation, Performance anxiety, Conceptual changes in visual art education, and Creativity and wellbeing of arts-related hobbies and creative activities. The second issue includes eight articles on the following subtopics: Historical views on creativity and politics, Musicality and creativity, Artistic and pedagogic identity, Attitudes and motivation, Vocal development of children, and Handicraft and design in postmodern society. Furthermore, five articles of the first issue and two of the second issue contemplate on teaching methodologies, curriculum development and lesson planning, while three articles of the second issue threat their object of interest within the context of the postmodern society. Comparisons between the Old and the New and paradigm shifts as well as development children and senior people are addressed.

CFMAE is dedicated to serving an international readership with diverse needs, interests, and concerns addressing the main idea, that music and art education is constantly in flow, it's changing face can be traced back in history (yesterday), shape the contemporary development (today) and will affect the future (tomorrow). The journal is hosted by Tallinn University Institute of Fine Arts Department of Music.

The editors thank all contributors, evaluators and supporters.

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