ISBN 978-9985-58-711-9 
410 pages

Testo e metodoProspettive teoriche sulla letteratura italiana
Text and Methods: Theoretical Perspectives on Italian Literature (in Italian)
Edited by Daniele Monticelli, Licia Taverna

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Recent studies of humanities methods and theory have drawn attention to the ambiguity of disciplinary boundaries and the need to develop interdisciplinary approaches. Nevertheless, collective works on literature are still mainly composed on the basis of a shared disciplinary paradigm, and comprised of authors who are associated with a common methodological approach.
“Testo e Metodo” is a bold attempt to assemble research which was undertaken according to different theoretical frameworks. Scholars from Italy, Estonia and France explore the results of applying philological, historic-critical, philosophical, semiotic, geocritical, and anthropological conceptual tools to literary texts. The common rationale of all the contributions is a critical attention to the conceptual arsenal and the epistemological limits that it imposes on the research with regard to specific texts. This self-analyzing attitude on the part of the researcher exposes the particular method to a revitalizing interplay with the analyzed text(s).
For scholars and teachers in the field of Italian literary studies, this book promotes innovative multidisciplinary perspectives; for students of literature, it illustrates different ways of approaching literary texts and describes the current state of the related debates.