In order to propose a manuscript please complete the application form and submit it to the Editor-in-Chief. The appropriate series will be determined in consultation with the author. The Editor-in-Chief will send the manuscript for peer review to two specialists who are appointed by the corresponding editorial board.

The publishing process will be expedited if the manuscript submitted conforms to the TLU Press style guide.

For Authors

Script formatting 



• The manuscript should be contained in one document.

• The text should not be hyphenated.

• The return key should be used to start a new paragraph.

• An em-dash (–) is longer than a hyphen (-).

• Automatic tools should not be used for tables of contents, lists, subject indexes, footnotes, endnotes and hyperlinks to references.



• The size of photographs must conform to  the dimensions specified for TLU Press books (see below).

• Photographs and illustrations should be numbered and sent separately from the main body of the text.

• Please mark the exact locations of the photographs and illustrations in the text. Headings and comments pertaining to photographs and illustrations should also be included in the text.

• Photographs can be submitted for publication in the following formats:

1. Transparencies

2. Digital photographs (minimum resolution 300 dpi). Reducing or enlarging photographs with lower resolutions can compromise their quality.

3. Scanned photographs or illustrations (minimum resolution 300 dpi; in tif or jpg format). Reducing or enlarging scans with lower resolutions can compromise their quality.


Charts and tables

• The size of charts and tables must not exceed the dimensions specified for TLU Press books or doctoral dissertations (see below). Exceptions can be made for tables which are longer or which extend to several pages.

• Use “Cell height” and “Cell width” (path: “Table” → “Insert table”) to specify exact measurements and “Borders” to design a table.

• The “Tab” or “Space” keys and text boxes should not be used to create a table.

• The caption should be placed above the table.


Blueprints and diagrams

• The size of blueprints and diagrams must not exceed the dimensions specified for TLU Press books or doctoral dissertations (see below).

• Blueprints should be inserted in the correct dimensions and submitted in an electronic file in a program such as Excel.

• Bear in mind that diagrams and graphics will be printed in one colour; different shades should be used to highlight or distinguish columns, sections and lines.

• Drawings and illustrations created in MS Word or Open Office should be grouped together.

• The number and caption should be located below a blueprint or diagram.

• Both a hard (paper) and soft (electronic) copy of the manuscript should be submitted.

• The manuscript must be paginated.


Dimensions of text areas in TLU Press book formats:

1. Acta series – 106 mm x 172 mm

2. Bibliotheca series – 89 mm x 147 mm


Commissioned works

Most TLU Press publications are in series (Acta Universitatis Tallinnensis, Gigantum Humeris, Bibliotheca). The Press is able to accept manuscripts as commissioned work within certain limitations. If the work is not to be published under the TLU Press trademark, the project must be wholly financed by the client. The client is responsible for the contents and the distribution.


Please contact: or Editor-in-Chief or Managing Editor.