Arheoloogia teaduskogu

Due to Covid-19, the exhibitions are closed at the first part of 2021.

Permanent exhibition

The exposition of archaeological exhibition is primarily intended for universities and schools, supplementing the study programme of Estonian history. The exposition has been compiled on the basis of the largest and most representative archaeological collection in Estonia and gives those interested the opportunity to get acquainted with the early settlement history of the Estonian territory and the life of the people who lived here at the time between 10,000 years BCE and 13th century CE.

We offer visitors tours in Estonian, English and German on two topics:

  • Estonian Prehistory (1–1.5 h)

  • Hoards and wealth deposits found in Estonia (1 h)

For visiting expositions (Rüütli Str. 10), please write

Visit fee 4 EUR/visitor.


Virtual exhibitions

The virtual tour of the archaeology exhibition introduces the exposition of hoards and wealth deposits and Estonian prehistory – an introduction to archaeology and the Stone Age hall and Iron Age exposition.

To use the virtual tour, click and drag the view. Click on the showcases and stands for a closer look.

The virtual tour was created by Andrus Anderson and


Temporary exhibitions

Every December, a poster exhibition reflecting the current year’s archaeological discoveries under the general title “Archaeological Fieldwork in Estonia” is prepared. It is a traditional undertaking that brings the most remarkable archaeological finds and news of the past fieldwork year to the attention of the general public.

Due to Covid-19, the exhibition will be not prepared in December 2020.