‘Preparation and Publication of the History of the Estonian School, 3rd volume (1917–1940)’, a 2020–2022 project supported from the Programme of Preparation of Textbooks for Higher Education Institutions and the Tallinn University Research Fund.

‘Base Study of the Trends of Transition Years in Education: Interviews with Educational Figures’, a 2020–2021 project supported from the Tallinn University Research Fund and the Ministry of Education and Research.

‘A Free Nation in a Free Country (1920 to 1940)’, a 2020–2022 project of digitisation of documentary heritage in cooperation with the National Archives.

Starting from 2020, activity support from the Ministry of Education and Research for gathering, recording and studying educational history and pedagogic heritage and presenting it to the wider public in cooperation with the Johannes Käis Society and the Societal Institute of Pedagogy Studies.