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Fear in culture and culture of fear

The 13th Annual Lotman Conference at Tallinn University

 15–17 JUNE 2023, TALLINN





The 13th Annual Lotman Conference at Tallinn University brings together discussions about fear from various disciplines. At the conference, you will hear theoretical explorations, historical inquiries, and concrete case studies that would help to illuminate the phenomenon of fear from various perspectives and together provide a multifaceted understanding of the complex workings of fear in culture.



Mihhail Lotman (Tallinn University, University of Tartu)

Joanna Bourke (Birkbeck, University of London)

Andrei Zorin (University of Oxford)

Evgeny Dobrenko (Ca' Foscari University of Venice)




In case you have any questions, you can write to Merit Rickberg, merit.rickberg@tlu.ee or the conference secretary, Dr. Darja Dorving, darja.dorving@tlu.ee



Juri Lotman Semiotics Repository, Tallinn University

The School of Humanities, Tallinn University

Estonian Semiotics Association


Organizing committee:

Darja Dorving (Juri Lotman Semiotics Repository, Tallinn University), conference secretary

Tatjana Kuzovkina (Juri Lotman Semiotics Repository, Tallinn University)

Lauri Linask (School of Humanities, Tallinn University)

Daniele Monticelli (School of Humanities, Tallinn University)

Rein Raud (School of Humanities, Tallinn University)

Merit Rickberg (Juri Lotman Semiotics Repository, Tallinn University)

Marek Tamm (School of Humanities, Tallinn University)


The event is organized in cooperation with the Tallinn University Centre of Excellence in Intercultural Studies and it is supported by the (European Union) European Regional Development Fund (Tallinn University’s ASTRA project, TU TEE activity A7).

The event is supported by Tallinn City Government.

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