Enterprise (Company) Seminar aims to connect students of the School of Digital Technologies to working life in IT-companies and in companies that use IT to a large extent in their profiles, working methods, staff development, production and other related aspects. We are determined to offer our students positive and inspirational experiences of different company cultures and a broader view on using information technologies in other fields and support learners in specifying their interests in the subject field.

Introducing different working environments, problems and opportunities, will help students make their studies more meaningful. Enterprises and organisations will be able to introduce themselves as potential attractive employers. These seminars help the student to come up with fresh ideas and solutions during the seminar, during the internships and also in the phase of raising research topics and co-supervision. The seminar is a success of course, if the student can connect themselves with the company in the future as well.

How can students participate in enterprise seminars?

Company seminar (2ECTS) is an elective course for students of the School of Digital Technologies. View the Course Sheet.

In order to pass the course, one needs to attend seven seminars and write seven reports. The report should be 4000 characters in length. Enterprise seminars take place once a month in October, November, December, February, March, April and May. One can take part only if pre-registered. Info about the seminars and registration will be sent to our School’s student’s email by the study counsellor. One seminar lasts for about two hours.

The students register for the course when they have attended the required number  of seminars and written a reflections consisting of 4000 characters regarding each seminar.

The course will be added to your study plan when you have successfully attended 7 seminars and submitted seminar reports for them

Past seminars

ElisaStatistics EstoniaState Examination Data SystemWeb ExpertInterlake System GmbHCybersecurity Day at Tallinn University (Zone Media, Clarified Security and RMIT), Estonian Energy, RebelRoamInformation System Authority (of the Estonian Government), Trinidad Wiseman, ScoroSK ID SolutionsPipedriveKristo VaherPerforce SoftwareOtt VelsbergTestlio.

How can companies invite students for a company visit ?

If your company or organisation would benefit from sharing your experience with our students in the areas of planning, creating and using IT-solutions or want to invite students for internships, drop a line to the Cooperation coordinator

Examples of possible topics to be discussed:

  • identifying the market niche
  • product development
  • marketing
  • staff development
  • choosing collaboration partners
  • innovation management
  • long-term planning of strategies, 
  • common problems 
  • positive experiences 
  • lessons learned

In December 2022 Scoro welcomed students in their office. Kai Auger, Senior Customer Onboarding Expert introduced her work and Stina Pentjärv, the People Operations Specialist toured the office.

Read about the visit to Scoro here.                                              

Roberta Lupp

Cooperation Coordinator with Companies