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Company Seminar aims to connect all students of the School of Digital Technologies to working life in IT-enterprises and in companies that use IT to large extent in their profiles, working methods, staff development, production and other related aspects.  We are determined to offer our students positive and inspirational experiences of different company cultures and broader view about using information technologies also in other fields and support learners in specifying their interests in the subject field.

Introducing different working environments, problems and opportunities, will help students make their studies more meaningful. Partnering enterprises and organisations will be able to introduce themselves as potential attractive employers for the future. We hope the seminar will seed lots of fresh ideas and solutions from students to our partners during the seminar, during internship and also through common research topics. We are especially happy if the seminar helps to connect students and employers for cooperation in the future too.

How can students participate in enterprise seminars?

Company seminar (2ECTS) is an elective course for all students of the School of Digital Technologies. The course is organised as seminars, in which representatives of various companies and organisations discuss the following topics: identifying the market niche, product development, marketing, staff development, choosing collaboration partners, innovation management, strategic planning, occurring problems, positive experiences, lessons learned.

Seminars take place according to the presenters and topics proposed by the companies. The students register for the course when they have attended the required number (8) of seminars and written reflections of 1000 to 2000 characters. Join the course with Your TLU account here.

Upcoming seminars in 2020

New enterprise seminars are going to take place on spring semester.

Past events 

  • Elisa mobile services
  • Virtual visit to Statistic Estonia
  • Visit to State Examination Data System
  • Visit to Web Expert
  • On 28th of November took place Interlake System GmbH seminar, Marcus Ritter's guest-lecture at Tallinn University. 
  • On 30th of October Cybersecurity Day took place at Tallinn University - workshops and lectures from Zone Media, Clarified Security and RMIT. #CyberSecMonth
  • RebelRoam seminar

How can companies invite students for a company-visit or offer a guest-lecture?

If You feel Your company would benefit from cooperation with our awesome students and staff at the School of Digital Technologies, please leave a quick note to and let's meet!