Applied Computer Science

Studies in applied computer science curriculum will set the path toward knowing the most important application domains and trends in information technology. Studies will support the formation of software development and design skills competences and give basic knowledge and skill of making software based multimedia tools. They will also help along lifelong learning and professional self-improvement. The studies will also help to improve the development of the IT field in the region.

Who are we expecting?

The software development and design study is suitable for people who wish to develop their creativity and logic through ICT. The idal candidate has a professional interest, an active attitude, good analysing skills, the ability to work in a team, and commitment to solve assignments.

Why Study at Tallinn University Haapsalu College?

Tallinn University Haapsalu College Computer Science is a practical curriculum. During the studies you will learn different programming languages, software development methods, the principles of user-centred design, and the ability to create web and mobile applications and videogames. Ability to process different type of media (designing, 3D, voice- and video processing) and to use that in software development is a relevant part of the curriculum.

Learning environment that supports specialty acquisition

  • Learning computer science is inspiring. The basis of the study is a combination of theory and practice.
  • Practice and independent work are a dominant part of the study.
  • Professors are Tallinn University lecturers and respected experts from all over Estonia.
  • The applied nature of the programmes at our college supports participation in various projects including foreign projects.
  • During the studies you are able to gain experience as an Erasmus+ exchange student in a matching field University in Europe (wide range of choices).

Important facts

  • Level of study: professional higher education
  • Duration: 3 years
  • Language: Estonian
  • Number of study places: 22

Contact us!

Tallinn University Haapsalu College


Phone: (+372) 472 0240

The curator of the curriculum:

Martti Raavel