Aligning professional future-oriented training on health promotion to boost development and economic growth in Läänemaa and Helsinki-Uusimaa regions

Funding: Interreg Central Baltic

Duration: 08.2016-12.2019

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The aim of the project is to: Conduct a survey about the training needs and future skill demands in the health promotion sector, based on a similar methodology in both countries; Analyse the results and develop a holistic training strategy for vocational education and training (VET) and professional higher education (PHE) providers on institutional level in both countries; Develop at least 10 new aligned PHE study programs (10 x 5 ECTS) and 6 new aligned applied VET study programmes (6 x 5 ECVET) in the field of health promotion to improve the existing curricula based on the future skills needs identified in the survey; Implement all developed programmes, evaluate the adequacy and make improvements.

Modernized teaching material and methodology for road safety educators

Funding: European Commission under the programm Erasmsus+

Duration: 09.2016-12.2018

During the project, a road safety textbook will be created in collaboration with universities from Norway and Finland. Short international student trainings in Finland and Norway will also be organised.

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NEXT - From Best to Next Practices in Flipped Learning

Funding: Nordplus

Duration: 11.2016-11.2017

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The aim of the project is to create a network of teachers, who have practised or who is interested in flipped learning methods. In the flipped learning method homework and studies in classroom have changed places. This will allow the student to be in charge of the study-progress and reinforce, analyse and associate knowledges in the classroom. The aim is to introduce the experiences of colleagues and best practises to teachers to encourage them to use the given method. All project partners will conduct a practical workshop to present the flipped learning method. Teachers and university lecturers from Iceland, Estonia, Denmark and Finland are involved in the project. In Tallinn University Haapsalu College (Estonia), the workshop was held on 21 March 2017.


TIKK - Health Weather Station

Funding: EEA Grants

Duration: 06.2014-11.2015

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RELATE - Promoting the REcognizability of Learning outcomes from vocAtional educaTion to higher Education

Funding: European Commission under the programme Leondardo da Vinci

Duration: 10.2013-09.2015

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TALES Lifelong Learning Programme

Funding: Comenius

Duration: 11.2013-10.2015

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Funding: European Union

Duration: 2009-2011


OsKa (Leonardo da Vinci)

Funding:  European Commission under the programme Leondardo da Vinci

Duration: 2011


VET-HE (Leonardo da Vinci)

Funding: European Commission under the programme Leondardo da Vinci

Duration: 2010-2012

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