Handicraft Technology and Design

Tallinn University Haapsalu College Handicraft Technology and Design curriculum aims to capably use traditional handicraft techniques in modern product design. Design is an ability to create and develop products, services and solutions that are more universal, interesting, secure, nature friendly, aesthetic and user-friendly. The extra value of Haapsalu College comes from excellent workshops and labs, where students can realize their ideas in practice.

Handicraft Technology and Design curriculum has a unique applied nature, which supports through its activities the traditional culture. The consistency from “idea to realization” is followed in product creations and through the process of ancient and modern, traditional and contemporary technologies, sustainability and entrepreneurship are combined and linked.

Who are we expecting?

Handicraft Technology and Design speciality fits for those who are interested in modern product design and also value traditional handicraft technologies. Our students wish to develop professional skills and creativity, and also acquire knowledge in the specifics of product development. We look for students who have just graduated from high school, but also people who are already working, but are still active and youthful and who wish to carry out a curriculum offering specialist skills.

Why Study at Tallinn University Haapsalu College?

Our curriculum is unique in Estonia, it binds handicraft and product design. In our curriculum, we have combined traditional and modern technologies, sustainability and entrepreneurship, and environmentally friendly mind-set with sustainable product development.

The teaching process is based on the idea to implement principle. Practical teaching is carried out in the Tallinn University Haapsalu College workshops under the supervision of specialist experts. Practices are held in cooperation with different agencies and companies. Lectures and project coordinators with great experience are involved in teaching together with the Estonian Academy of Arts, Tallinn University of Technology and international partners. In addition, there is always a chance to do a part of a study or practice in foreign higher education institutions.

Learning environment that supports specialty acquisition

  • Learning Handicraft Technology and Design is inspiring! The base of teaching is combining theory with practice.
  • Practical lessons that are held in College workshops play a vital role in passing the curriculum.
  • Teachers and students can gather new knowledge and experience and meet new people on international study trips.
  • The applied nature of the programmes at our college supports participation in various projects including foreign projects.
  • The specialty is actively involved in Estonian enterprises innovation share projects.
  • During the studies it is always a possibility to use the Erasmus+ exchange programme. The variety of choices is broad.

Important facts

  • Level of study: professional higher education
  • Duration: 3 years
  • Language: Estonian
  • Number of study places: 15

Contact us!

Tallinn University Haapsalu College

E-mail: kolledz@hk.tlu.ee

Phone: (+372) 472 0240

The curator of the curriculum:

Arvo Pärenson

E-mail: arvo.pärenson@tlu.ee

Phone: (+372) 5349 3564