Haapsalu College is a regional college and campus of Tallinn University that provides applied (professional) higher education programmes in 4 different fields and master's degree in 1 field. College is situated in a popular resort town on the Western coast of Estonia.

The College is also a successful education and competence centre that specialises in research for health promotion and rehabilitation as well as ties the region to the rest of Estonia and the wider world in many other unique research fields, such as: safety in every-day traffic; connection points between modern design and traditional handicraft; the many applications of educational technology and multimedia.

TLU Haapsalu College Development Plan 2021-2022

Contact us:

Tallinn University Haapsalu College
Lihula mnt 12/1
90507 Haapsalu

Phone: (+372) 472 0240
E-mail: kolledz@hk.tlu.ee