Students of the School of Digital Technologies get professional experience already during their studies as part of an internship at a chosen company or organisation. With some exceptions, both Bachelor's and Master's study programs include the subject of internship in the amount of 6 ECTS (exact details are in the study programme). 1 ECTS is equivalent to 26 hours of student work. In total, the time spent at an internship is 156 academic hours, which also includes setting practice goals and reflection. The scope of the division of various activities related to the internship is described on the subject card and in the internship manual.

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Internship is a purposeful activity of a student to achieve the learning outcomes of the curriculum in a work environment. During the internship period, the learner can apply the skills and knowledge acquired during their studies. Internship experience also helps to shape students' work habits and attitudes to understand working life and different work cultures.

Finding the desired internship and presenting yourself to employers is one of the learning outcomes of the internship subject and the student's internship-related tasks. Together with the internship request, the student sends their CV and cover letter to the potential employer. On the career counseling page of Tallinn University, one can book an appointment with a career counselor and get ideas on where to start looking for an internship.

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Companies organize open-door days, which often take place in September, and also send info to our School regarding opportunities for internships. Study counselors send this information to the students’ school email. A great way to get to know different companies and make contacts is to attend the Enterprise seminar.

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Internships abroad

Students and alumni can also participate in internships abroad.

erasmus internship abroad gives TLU students the opportunity to complete an internship in a company or organization in another European country (including a higher education institution). One can apply for an internship all year round, except in July! Questions related to internships abroad should be sent to maria.saar@tlu.ee.

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How to find traineeship organisation abroad

Acknowledgment of internship program

Tunnustatud praktikasüsteem

In June 2022, our applied informatics, Informatics BA internship program received recognition from the Education and Youth Board as "Recognized internship program 2022-2026".




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