Tallinn King Sejong Institute (Korean: 탈린 세종학당) is the first institution of its kind ever established in Estonia, where anyone can learn the Korean language and Korean culture.

TKSI is a part of the King Sejong Institute Foundation - public institution under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Korea, established to manage Korean language education abroad and the distribution of Korean culture. 

King Sejong Institute has been operating since 2007 all over the world: at the moment it has 167 institutes in 55 countries. In 2015 King Sejong Institute came to Estonia and started operating in collaboration with TalTech university. In 2019 TKSI was reopened at the Tallinn University.

The institute's name refers to Sejong the Great, the inventor of the Korean alphabet.

TKSI mission is to create an environment where everyone dreams of the Korean language and culture.

We are trying to inform people about Korean language and culture and to make people's interest in Korea grow into understanding and love for Korea.


Here you can find the information about our courses and the schedule for the next semester.


The tuition fee is 99 EUR per academic semester for 15 weeks. Textbook price is 20 EUR, and all other educational materials are free of charge. The invoice on paying the tuition and textbook fees will be sent via email after registration. Students of Tallinn University do not need to pay the tuition fee but only the textbook fee.

Students enrolled in undergraduate, master or doctoral courses at Tallinn University as of 2019 will be exempted from tuition. Therefore, if you are a student of TLU, send us the proof by e-mail:

Tuition Refund Policy allows that tuition fee could be fully refunded if a student cancels his/her registration to the course before starting the new semester according to the TLU regulation.


We start new courses twice a year: in February and in September. About 1 month before the semester starts, we announce the schedule for the next semester through our Facebook page and give the link for registration.

If you are a current student of TKSI you will get a link for the registration by email.


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