Submitting your PhD Thesis for Preliminary Examination

  • For submitting the thesis the PhD student must write an application to the head of the School of Humanities. The application must include the thesis title in both Estonian and English (and in original language if different form the others) and the written consent of the supervisor(s). The CERCS classificators of the thesis should be specified and the student must confirm that thesis and the articles that are part of it do not contain plagiarism. The application can be submitted either on paper or electronically. If the application is submitted on paper it must be signed by the PhD student and the supervisor(s) and brought to Maris Peters. Electronic applications, digitally signed, should be submitted to this e-mail.
  • In addition to the application and the thesis, the Ouriginal report should be submitted. The report should be generated by the supervisor and discussed with the student. If necessary, explanation of the finds must be added by the supervisor.
  • The copy of the thesis submitted for preliminary examination should be sent to the e-mail of Maris Peters, brought to her office on an electronic device or uploaded into a Drive folder (link should be sent).
  • The PhD student shouldmake sure that by the time of submitting the thesis for examination:
    • the necessary courses have been passed and results are in ÕIS;
    • if articles are required for submitting the requirement is met;
    • ETIS account has been updated.

For further information please refer to this.

Doctoral Studies Council of Humanities

  • Professor Daniele Monticelli, School of Humanities (the chair of the doctoral studies council)
  • Professor Karsten Brüggemann, School of Humanities
  • Professor Anna Verschik, School of Humanities
  • Teet Teinemaa, PhD, Baltic Film, Media and Arts School

Curricula: History, Linguistics, Studies of Culture, Audiovisual Arts and Media Studies