The Centre for Medieval Studies is an academic research network of the Tallinn University.  

The Centre has three main aims:  

  • to create an innovative and supportive forum for scholars working with the Middle Ages;
  • to encourage and initiate interdisciplinary research and collaboration; 
  • to coordinate, promote and offer information about medieval studies in Estonia.

The major emphasis of the Centre's research focuses on the medieval Europeanization process and the cross-cultural interaction in the frontier areas, with a special emphasis on the comparative research into the political, social, economic, cultural and religious integration of the Baltic Sea region (10th-16th centuries).

The Centre co-operates with national and international scientific programs; regularly holds seminars, lecture-series and conferences; launches research projects; as well as develops multidisciplinary curricula for academic graduate and postgraduate training in medieval studies at the University of Tallinn.

The Centre was officially formed in 2005, since 2015 it is part of the Institute of History, Archaeology and Art History. It brings together researchers and postgraduate students from various Estonian universities and research institutions, involving a wide range of disciplines, such as history, archaeology, art history, theology, and folklore and literature studies.

Rahvusvaheline nõukogu

Keskaja keskusel on viieliikmeline rahvusvaheline nõuandev kogu, kes nõustab keskuse arengusuundade ja tegevuskava väljatöötamist. 

Keskaja Keskuse rahvusvahelise nõukogu liikmed (alates 2006):

  • Prof. Sverre Bagge

Bergeni Ülikooli Keskaja Keskuse juhataja
Põhjamaade Keskajauuringute Tippkeskuse (NCMS) juhataja

  • Prof. Gerhard Jaritz

Kesk-Euroopa Ülikooli (CEU) Keskajauuringute osakonna professor

  • Prof. Jüri Kivimäe

Toronto Ülikooli Eesti uuringute õppetooli professor

  • Dr. Tuomas M.S. Lehtonen

Soome Kirjanduse Seltsi juhataja
Helsingi Ülikooli Ajaloo osakonna dotsent

  • Prof. Jean-Claude Schmitt

Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (EHESS, Pariis) professor