BAAS conference

The Baltic Alliance for Asian Studies (BAAS) is a non-profit academic professional association founded in 2014 by a network of departments and research institutes specializing in the field of Asian Studies at five universities (Tallinn University, University of Latvia, Tartu University, Vilnius University, and Vytautas Magnus University). Its aim is to bring together and offer fresh opportunities for international collaboration, mutual scientific and cultural exchanges, and professional networking to scholars working on Asian countries (East Asia, South and South-East Asia, Central Asia, and the Middle East), based at institutions in the Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania). 

Due to significant geographical distances and the relative insularity of institutions based in this area in an academic field that is however constantly growing to meet the interests especially of younger generations of students that are more and more fascinated by Asia as both a cultural and an economic hub, the BAAS biennial conference represents a vital occasion and one of the few regular opportunities for Asia experts in the area to convene together.

Asia in Transition / Tradition as the Source of Change

The 5th BAAS conference, "Asia in Transition / Tradition as the Source of Change", will take place Sept 23-25, 2022 in Tallinn University, Estonia. The conference aims to bring together scholars studying different regions of Asia and the Middle East, representatives of all academic fields and methodologies, aiming at a better understanding of the dynamism joining the old and the new in Asian societies and cultures. Both topics refer to change: aspects of contemporary transitions include the interplays of local, national, international or global influences in the region, while the study of traditions as the source of changes addresses the specifically Asian ways of introducing innovative social, cultural and political practices through the invocation of examples from the revered past. Both topics should be regarded in the widest possible scope. 

The call for papers and panels is put together. All the abstracts, even within panel proposals, will be assessed separately.

Submission for Panels and Papers

The call for papers and panels: March 28, 2022
Registration starts: June 15, 2022