The academic staff of the school participate in the work of the university's Centre of Excellence in Behavioural and Neural Sciences and Neural ScienceInstitute of Ecology is also part of the School's structure; research in this Institute is focused on organisms, landscapes, ecosystems and geospheres.


Study Areas in School of Natural Sciences and Health:

Movement, Health and Sport Sciences

Science and Technology Education

Natural Sciences and Sustainability

Psychology and Behavioural Sciences

Institute of Ecology

The basic research at the Institute of Ecology concentrates on the study of the structural-functional organisation of terrestrial ecosystems and their responses to changing environmental conditions. As a practical result, the data obtained in basic research is used to prognosticate the development of ecosystems, landscapes, communities and physiological changes in plants connected with natural processes, climate changes and human activities.

Research Associates from the Institute are largely engaged in the teaching process in different universities as well as in supervising PhD and MSc degree students.

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