The value of learning becomes apparent when we can use what we have learned in real life situations. Just as individual foodstuffs do not make up a dish, separate pieces of knowledge are not reflecting the full potential of the knowledge. However, the transfer of learned knowledge to real life actions is often weak. The SCIENCE KITCHEN of Tallinn University's Institute of Natural and Health Sciences provides an opportunity to connect knowledge and practical activities in a way that ensures understanding and the skills usable in real life situations.


The SCIENCE KITCHEN welcomes researchers, academic staff, undergraduates, students and teachers, when opening the topics related to food, offering the excitement of science and implementing these with life-important skills. Science kitchen activities are suitable for people who are interested in getting deep knowledge in various food related aspects. For people who value a sustainable worldview and want to gain proven knowledge and practical experience. Science kitchen makes it possible to approach cooking in a more scientific way, using tools typical of laboratories and finding answers to questions about how and why different processes take place in food. Science kitchen is a centre for food education, offering knowledge about food and science from the curious child to the professional chef.

Keywords in the activities of the SCIENCE KITCHEN are environmental protection; circular economy; food safety; healthy diet; STEAM learning; teacher education.






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