The purpose of the fund is to support research and development in realms o media, arts and communication, by affording academic staff to take part in international conferences and development meetings, to carry out research projects and creative studies (involving students).

    Fund means are distributed to the following research and development activities:

    •  Mobility:
      • conference attendance abroad (preference is given to presentations);
      • participation in research and development events, dedicated to collaboration with foreign partners;
      • research in libraries, museums, archives or conducting field work (exceptionally).
    • Research project:
      • services necessary for the project;

      • mobility necessary for the project;

      • membership fees of professional organisations;

      • translating and editing of research publications;

      • creating study materials.

    • Creative study (Creative study project must involve students. The application is submitted by a lecturer): 
      • preparation and performance of the project;
      • mobility necessary for the project (both for the lecture and students).

    The applicants can be BFM academic staff and those visiting academics, who hold BFM employment contract, as well as doctoral students who are currently not on academic leave and have no missing reports for the fund.

    Applications can be submitted three times yearly: by January 10th, May 10th or September 10th.

    The evaluation committee consists of:

    • Heili Einasto 
    • Indrek Ibrus 
    • Andres Jõesaar 
    • Arko Olesk 
    • Veiko Vaatmann

    The applications are to be sent to the research coordinator Kristel Karu-Kletter.

    Statute of the fund

    Annex 1 - Application form

    Annex 2 - Report form