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Give the gift of new knowledge!

Give yourself, a loved one or a family member a BFM gift card with the right value for you!

Purchasing the BFM gift card is very easy - click on the "Order a gift card here" button on the top right, fill in the required fields, pay the invoice received by e-mail and receive the gift card in pdf form by e-mail or on paper by picking it up yourself! You can choose the value of the gift card yourself!

Terms of the gift card:

  • The gift card is valid for all trainings that rae organized by BFM (and only BFM), including micro-credentials, where the participant has to pay oneself.

  • The value of the gift card is chosen by the purchaser of the gift card.

  • The gift card is personal and cannot be transferred to third parties. The gift card can only be used by the person in whose name it is issued. The gift card cannot be reissued in another person's name.

  • If the training costs more than the value of the gift card, the participant must pay the remaining amount. If the customer uses a gift card for training, the cost of which is less than the net value stated on the gift card, the balance of the gift card will not be reimbursed to the customer or a third party. There is an opportunity to use the remaining value in another BFM training;

  • The gift card is valid for one and a half years (18 months) from the day it is purchased;

  • The gift card cannot be exchanged for money. There are no refunds for unused gift cards.

  • We will issue the gift card electronically as a pdf file or in paper form after the payment - for this, you have to choose the appropriate delivery method when placing the order. If you want a paper gift card, you have to pick it up yourself. We do not send gift cards via mail!


To use the gift card, all you have to do is to add in the notes box, when registering for the BFM training, that you want to use a gift card in your name for (partial) payment and add the value of the gift card.


Additional information:

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