Work on research, creativity, and development in Tallinn University BFM entails an integration between different fields of research, which is something our people are working on daily. 


Tenured Professors

Since 2020 the tenure system is in the center of the academic career model. The role of a tenured professor is to be a leader in their field of studies and research. A tenure fund was created within the university to fund tenured positions.  


Tenured professors in BFM: 

Academic field: media and communication

Alar Pink Lecturer
Alessandro Nani Associate Professor of Crossmedia
Alexander Norta Research Fellow
Anastassia Zabrodskaja Professor of Intercultural Communication
Andres Jõesaar Associate Professor of Media Policies
Andres Kõnno Research Fellow
Antonina Korepanova Junior Research Fellow
Arko Olesk Lecturer of Research Communication
Ermo Säks Visiting Research Fellow
Esta Kaal Lecturer of Research Methods
Hagi Šein Visiting Professor of Television Culture
Hanna Jemmer Junior Research Fellow
Indrek Ibrus Professor of Media Innovation
Indrek Treufeldt Associate Professor of Television Journalism
Jaana Davidjants Visiting Research Fellow
Katrin Tiidenberg Professor of participatory culture
Kristel Abel Lecturer of PR Studies
Kristiina Raud Junior Research Fellow
Külli-Riin Tigasson Visiting Lecturer of Journalism Studies
Madis Järvekülg Research Fellow
Mar Canet Sola Junior Research Fellow
Mart Soonik Lecturer of PR Studies
Maximilian Günther Schich Research Professor of Cultural Data Analytics (ERA Chair)
Nico Carpentier Visiting Professor
Olle Mirme Visiting Lecturer of Contemporary Media
Pia Tikka Associate Professor
Priit Hõbemägi Visiting Lecturer of Journalism Studies
Raul Lobanov Junior Research Fellow
Robert Graham McNamara Junior Research Fellow
Sten Kauber Visiting Research Fellow
Tiina Hiob Senior Lecturer of Advertising Theory
Ulrike Rohn Professor of Media Management and Economics
Vejune Zemaityte Research Fellow in Film Data Analytics

Academic field: film

Andris Feldmanis Visiting Lecturer of Screenwriting
Anneli Ahven Associate Professor of Film Production
Astrida Konstante Associate Professor of Cinematography of the Audio-Visual Media
Carlos Eduardo Lesmes Lopez Junior Research Fellow
Diego Alejandro Barajas Riano Junior Research Fellow
Dirk Hoyer Associate Professor of Audiovisual Arts
Elen Lotman Associate Professor of Film Arts
Liis Nimik Junior Research Fellow
Madli Lääne-Metsalu Lecturer of Editing
Mait Mäekivi Associate Professor of Cinematography
Marianna Kaat Associate Professor of Documentary
Mart Raun Visiting Lecturer of Audiovisual Arts
Mehmet Burak Yilmaz Junior Research Fellow
Michael Andrew Keerdo-Dawson Junior Research Fellow
Peeter Simm Associate Professor of Film Directing
Riho Västrik Professor of Documentary Film
Sirje Runge Associate Professor of Liberal Arts
Sven-Sander Paas Production Assistant, Festival Distribution Coordinator
Tanel Toom Junior Research Fellow
Tarmo Rajaleid Lecturer of Editing
Teet Teinemaa Visiting Lecturer
Tiina Andreas Associate Professor of Sound Recording and Design
Veiko Vaatmann Visiting Lecturer of Film Arts

Academic field: arts and didactics

Avo Ulvik Lecturer of Sound Design, Music and Multimedia
Edna Vahter Associate Professor of Art Teaching Didactics
Eugen Tamberg Visiting Lecturer
Eve Kiiler Lecturer of Art Education Methodology
Gerhard Bruno Erich Lock Lecturer of Musicology and Multimedia
Hain Hõlpus Visiting Lecturer of Piano and Improvisation
Heddi Reinsalu Junior Lecturer
Heie Marie Treier Lecturer of Art History
Heili Einasto Lecturer of Dance Theory
Helen Arov Junior Lecturer of Art Didactics
Irina Pähn Lecturer of Ballet
Jane Remm Lecturer of Art Didactics
Katrin Sigijane Visiting Lecturer
Krista Aren Associate Professor of Design
Krista Simson Associate Professor of Visual Arts
Külli Roosna Associate Professor of Contemporary Dance and Creative Technology
Larissa Barbosa Curi Junior Research Fellow
Marit Mõistlik-Tamm Lecturer of Music
Oksana Tralla Associate Professor of Ballet
Raul Talmar Lecturer Emeritus
Sille Kapper-Tiisler Associate Professor
Taavi Tuisk Visiting Lecturer of Multimedia
Vaike Kiik-Salupere Associate Professor of Vocal Studies