Baltic Film, Media and Arts School of Tallinn University (BFM) is a competence centre for communication and audio visual knowledge and expertise. At our School you can study at the Bachelor's, Master's and PhD level, in Estonian and English.

Baltic Film, Media and Arts School Development Plan 2023–2027


Statute of the BFM fund for research and development

At BFM you can obtain a wide-based education in an international environment. Our study programmes offer tools and skills for working on various positions in film production, TV, new media, communication, choreography, art and music. Knowledge gathered at the Bachelor's level can be refined with our Master's programmes.

About 830 students study at BFM each semester at the BA, MA and PhD level.  Around 20% of our students are from 40 different countries worldwide. BFM has over 70 partner universities in Europe and Asia. We have 3 joint curriculum, one of them in English. We offer a truly exciting mix of cultures that creates an invaluable professional network for your later career.

At BFM we believe in learning by doing. Our focus is on professional hands-on training designed for international careers in the world’s rapidly growing audiovisual and media industry. 

We await all active and creative students, who wish to apply themselves in the exiting world of audio visual arts, communication and media. Our study programmes have been compiled in a way that in a few years, you will obtain both the theoretical basic knowledge as well as varied practical skills. All study programmes value internships and collaborative projects, which will give you an insight to the industry and the possibility to gather social capital both in Estonia and abroad, while still at the university.

BFM is equipped with modern video and sound equipment, we have our own TV studio, sound studios, an editing centre and a film studio. We provide students with free shooting and post-production equipment, studio space and production support  for their creative works, supervised by established professionals from the audiovisual industry. BFM building houses Estonia’s first 4K cinema hall.

BFM is a proud member of a European University FilmEU, a transnational alliances of eight higher film education institutions, paving the way towards the universities of the future:

FilmEU significantly enhances the learning, mobility, research and entrepreneurship options of the partner universities, therefore greatly enriching the student, researcher and staff experience. This initiative will also influence societal discourse on sustainability, inclusion, climate, research, mobility, innovation, and digital transformation, extending its impact far beyond the partner institutions. 

The university alliance is led by Lusófona University of Portugal, and the FilmEU includes original members Luca School of Arts in Belgium, IADT in Ireland, and TLU BFM in Estonia, and welcomes in 2024 VŠMU (Slovakia), LMTA (Lithuania), VIA University College (Denmark), and NATFA (Bulgaria).

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Study Areas at BFM


Production Centre

BFM provides students with state of the art facilities and equipment to conceive, develop, shoot and finalise film and TV productions in a professional environment. Our Production Centre is equipped with professional video, audio and post-production gear that allows students to create a wide range of film, TV and new media content.

BFM Training

  •  Our target groups are companies, educational organisations, professionals and others who are interested. BFM Training offers trainings and workshops in the field of media, television, film, photography, arts and communication.
  • BFM is also Apple Authorised Training Centre offering various Apple training courses.
  • BFM offer tailor-made trainings and productions that correspond to the profiled needs of our clients. Working languages: English, Estonian, Russian, Finnish.

BFM Children's Film School 

BFM Children's Film School aims to teach children in ages from 6 to 16 the following:

  • skills in audiovisual storytelling – introduce different creative professions and BFM as well  
  • to value Digital Culture, eg. ethical values by children creating themselves different media components (short film, TV-news, social advertisement etc).
  • Produce wiser and safer consumers of digital media


MEDIT (TLU Centre of Excellence in Media Innovation and Digital Culture)

The purpose of MEDIT is to facilitate the initiation and implementation of high level and interdisciplinary research and development projects.

The interdisciplinary research in MEDIT focuses on cultural changes and innovation processes accompanying emergent digital media and audiovisual forms of communication, primarily from the combined perspectives of humanities and economic studies of innovation and media.

The creative and development work in MEDIT builds on the cooperation with media and cultural sector and aims at innovative projects incorporating forms of digital audiovisual media. We encourage companies in this sector to contact us for discussing our R&D services.