Tallinn University Baltic Film, Media, Arts and Communication School is an academic unit of Tallinn University that conducts studies on the three levels of higher education, continuing education and research, development and creative activities in the following study areas:



The area of Arts has the only two specialties, which have incentive contracts with the Ministry of Culture – film arts and choreography. This makes the study area of Arts a leading learning environment in Estonia, where the individual approach necessary for arts meets the learning methods necessary for the artistic and professional development of the student. In addition, the Arts area manages the Estonian branch of a unique Master’s program KinoEyes, which is a common study programme in film arts between BFM, the Lusofana University from Lisbon and Screen Academy Scotland, supported by the European Commission.


Head of Study Area:
Veiko Vaatmann, Lecturer of Film Arts
E-mail: veiko.vaatmann@tlu.ee
Telephone: +372 619 9927
Location: N-515

Media and Communication

A vital element in today’s information society is the moving picture, which surrounds us everywhere in media as well as interpersonal communication. The area of communication and media focuses on the various forms of communication, offering both theory and practical experience, which helps the students better enter the job market.

On the Bachelor’s level, the student can choose between audio-visual media studies, cross media studies, advertising and imagology, journalism and public relations.

On the Master’s level, it is possible to continue education at the following study programmes: audio-visual media, television/documentary films, television directing, editing and production, communication management, communication.


Head of Study Area:
Andres Jõesaar, Associate Professor of Media Policies
E-mail: andres.joesaar@tlu.ee

Didactics of Arts

The role of modern art and music education is to be the connection between the various subjects in formal education. Creative specialties are vital anchors in creating a wholesome view of the world.

The area of didactics of arts offers a wide-based art and music education, aided by traditional, technology-based and modern audio-visual cultural expressions. We value the adaptability of students and lectures in coping with the changes in the world of arts and music. The academic studies are balanced with the options to attend practical internships.

The department of art offers Bachelor’s and Master’s studies. The aim of Bachelor’s studies are to offer the chance of obtaining special skills and knowledge to those who wish to better understand the creative processes behind different forms of art. The skills and knowledge gathered during this creative study process can be refined at the Master’s level at the arts or music teacher study programmes.


Head of Study Area:
Krista Aren, Associate Professor of Design
E-mail: krista.aren@tlu.ee