he objective of study allowances is to facilitate the studies of students with outstanding results in paid curricula and support conducting creative projects within their studies.

The school grants the following study allowances:

  • reduced tuition fee;
  • creative stipend (hereinafter ‘stipend’).

The objective of the reduced tuition fee is to motivate a full-time student to study successfully and to finish the curriculum in a nominal study period. A reduced tuition fee means that the School covers a student’s tuition fee to the extent of 50-100%.

A student of the School has the right to apply for the reduced tuition fee:

  • if (s)he is an Estonian citizen or resides in Estonia on the basis of a permanent or temporary residence permit
  • who is enrolled in a payed curriculum and who has no financial debts to the university;
  • is a full-time student;
  • is not on academic leave;
  • has not exceeded the standard period of study;
  • who has not applied for studying abroad, is not studying abroad and did not study abroad the previous semester;
  • whose weighted average grade in the previous semester, as seen on the study card, is at least 4,50. 

NB! Tuition fee discounts can be applied for starting from the second semester.

In order to determine the reduced tuition fees, the head of studies of the School forms a committee consisting of the head of studies, three members of academic staff and a student representative. Reduced tuition fees are distributed by curricula (1 student per curricula) based on rankings in accordance with the financial resources of the budget of the curriculum. 

The ranking of applicants is formed by the cumulative percentage of study load completed in previous semesters according to the curriculum (30 ECTS credits per semester is equal to 100%), multiplied by the weighted average grade (hereinafter the ‘WAG’). Students who fulfill the study programme by 100% or more are equal in the ranking. The WAG is calculated by taking into account all of the differentiated assessment  results on the applicant's study card, including previous results, in case the applicant has taken courses repeatedly.

In case after implementing the procedure for the application, granting and payment of study allowances in section 2.7, students still have 100% equal results, both students are granted a 50% discount.

Study Allowance Statute