The goal of High5 project is to create a new methodology – Integrated design. The methodology is based on already existing methods and approaches combining Design Thinking, Problem Based Learning, sustainable development, circular economy, innovation thinking and entrepreneurial skills. The aim is to improve the quality and effectiveness of higher education, boost students’ creativity and adjust it to the needs of society and prepare students for stepping into the workfield

In addition to the coordinator, Lodz University of Technology, 4 other institutions are invited to take part in the project from Portugal (University of Aveiro), Greece (University of Thessaly), Bulgaria (University of Library Studies and Information Technologies Bulgaria). The Estonian partner is The Institute of Ecology at Tallinn University. The collaboration of 5 universities will result in innovative learning materials dedicated to academic teachers and students. The duration of the project is 2 years (01.11.2019 – 31.10.2021) and the total budget is 295 608 euros. 

The supportive learning materials for both students and teachers will be the result of Teachers trainings, Multiplier events and International schools for students and teachers where additional feedback will be acquired and to be put to use. Feedback from these programmes will be important in improving the final materials.

More information can be found on High5 project website: http://high5project.eu/

Project manager in Institute of Ecology:
Jaanus Terasmaa, jaanus.terasmaa@tlu.ee.

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