Book symposium on rethinking historical time at School of Humanities



On 6 November at 2-5.30pm a book symposium will take place at TLU School of Humanities (room M-328), marking the publication of a new collective volume, "Rethinking Historical Time: New Approaches to Presentism”. The book has brought together an international team of scholars working in history, anthropology, archaeology, geography, philosophy, literature and visual studies to rethink the epistemological consequences of presentism for the study of past and to discuss critically the traditional assumptions that underpin research on historical time.

The symposium features the presentations by the two editors (Marek Tamm and Laurent Olivier) and by one of the contributors (Liisi Keedus), but also two papers by the readers of the volume (Tommaso Giordani and Tõnu Viik).

The symposium is organized with the support of TLU Centre of Excellence in Intercultural Studies and ERC grant lead by Liisi Keedus.

All are welcome!

Book Symposium:
Rethinking Historical Time: New Approaches to Presentism

6 November 2019

Tallinn University, School of Humanities
Uus-Sadama 5, room M-328

14.00–14.30: Marek Tamm: Introduction: Presentism and Multiple Temporalities
14.30–15.00: Laurent Olivier: Time, Archaeology and the Anthropocene
15.00–15.30: Liisi Keedus: Crisis of the Historicist Notion of Time
15.30–16.00: Coffee break
16.00–16.30: Tommaso Giordani: Rethinking Historical Time: Philosophy of History or Conceptual Toolbox?
16.30–17.00: Tõnu Viik: What is Present in Experiencing Time and History? 
17.00–17.30: Public discussion

18.00–20.00: Evening Meeting for Presenters (only for presenters)