Educational innovation

Research Workshop 

Tallinn University, Estonia
14th–15th May 2018

Call for Contributions

Digitization has been affecting all parts of society. Similarly, learning and teaching in schools, universities and enterprises have also been undergoing dramatic changes. At the same time, the educational system should prepare people of all ages for these ongoing changes, and enable them to become the active contributors of shaping the digital transformation, rather than passive recipients.

The Center for Excellence on Educational Innovation at Tallinn University (Estonia), the Chair of Learning, Design and Technology at University of Mannheim (Germany) and Baden-Württemberg International (Germany) invite you to contribute to a joint research workshop that will help to address these challenges. Together we want to discuss opportunities and challenges that present themselves in different areas of the educational system. We want to contrast experiences that have been made especially in Estonia and Germany and seek for establishing cooperation for research and development that will shape the future agenda of digitization in education.

We invite contributions that describe experiences with the design, development or application of new learning methods and techniques that address challenges in digitization in education or society more widely. We seek contributions in all areas of the educational system (primary, secondary, vocational, higher and further education as well as workplace learning). Contributions are sought especially for the following topics:  

  • Institutional innovation, organizational learning, leadership and change management in education

  • STEM education, citizen science

  • New learning scenarios, learning design and learning analytics

  • Workplace learning, entrepreneurship and learning in smart industry (Industry 4.0)

  • Inclusion and cognitive basis of learning

  • Assessment and feedback

How to contribute

We expect that the workshop will be organised in the form of several thematic roundtables that will bring together short presentations about the topic (maximum 15 minutes), and a more extensive discussion among all presenters and other participants.

To contribute to the workshop, please submit an extended abstract (maximum of 1 page) describing the presentation you intend to give, as well as full details of all contributors and presenters. Submissions should be made to the Easychair submission system here

The submission deadline is 15th of March 2018.

Each submission will be reviewed by several members of the academic committee. When a contribution is accepted, the author will be informed and invited to give a presentation at the workshop. We will make the extended abstracts available on our website for all participants. No further publication is planned at the moment.

Academic Committee

Prof. Dirk Ifenthaler

Chair of Learning, Design and Technology, University of Mannheim, Germany

UNESCO Deputy Chair of Data Science in Higher Education Teaching and Learning, Curtin University

Prof. Tobias Ley

Head of the Center of Excellence in Educational Innovation, Tallinn University, Estonia

ERA Chair Professor for Learning Analytics and Educational Innovation

Dr. Kairit Tammets

Head of the Center for Educational Technology, Tallinn University, Estonia

Senior Researcher, School of Digital Technologies

Organisation Team

Andreya Romano, Julia Simon

Department of Science, Research and the Arts

Baden-Württemberg International

Ulla Kask

Coordinator, Center of Excellence in Educational Innovation, Tallinn University, Estonia