The research profile of the School of Educational Sciences is tied to our study areas.


The main research areas in the School of Educational Sciences are:

  • the capability of life-long learning, learning and society;
  • identifying the learning human as the most important subject in educational philosophy, educational sciences, pedagogy, didactics and teacher education;
  • the position of teachers and school leaders in society;
  • teachers’ approach to learning and the sociocultural context of teaching;
  • changes in the approach to learning and innovative learning environments;
  • assessment of the changing learning and teaching culture in the context of the self-driven learner as well as the teacher;
  • modelling, assessing and monitoring the changes in learning and teaching culture;
  • professionalism of teachers;
  • key competences;
  • gender research;
  • Estonian educational science history;
  • next-generation digital learning environments and tools;
  • new ICT-based methods to promote educational analytics and research dealing with education;
  • inclusive education.