Andres Jõesaar, PhD has a long experience in the media and telecom industries. In the 90s he was one of the founding members of the private television channel RTV and the general director of the commercial broadcaster TV3. From 2000 - 2011 he was the director for the content services at the Tele2. Between 2000-2012 Jõesaar has been the chairman of the Council of the Estonian Public Broadcasting. He has been a member and chair of several Council of Europe and OSCE expert groups and currently is also media advisor for the Ministry of Culture.
His main research interests are media policy, media economics, and audience studies. In his research, he has paid particular attention to the role and impact of media, including public service media, in different communities. Drawing on research on audiences’ evaluations of the public value, credibility, and importance of the media, he has advised policymakers on the design and implementation of media legislation.

Main tasks

head of media and communication studies

Areas of research

crossmedia, crossmedia storytelling

transmedia production

media management, media economy

media policy, including

media (incl television, radio ...)