Anu Mänd is historian and art historian, who is mainly specialized in the Middle Ages. She graduated from the Tartu University and defended her PhD at the Central European University in Budapest. She has received scholarships from the NIAS (Netherlands), Uppsala University and Göttingen Centre for Digital Humanities, among others.
Anu Mänd has published several books and articles on the social history and visual culture of medieval Livonia. In 2006 her monograph "Urban Carnival: Festival Culture in the Hanseatic Cities of the Eastern Baltic, 1350–1550" (Brepols, 2005) won the award of the Estonian Republic in the field of humanities. Her research interests include festival culture, history of guilds and confraternities, saints’ cult, iconography, interior of Estonian and Latvian churches (altars, retables, memorial monuments), poor relief and the role of women in medieval and early modern societies. She has also studied Estonian goldsmith’s works from the Middle Ages until the 1930s.

Main tasks

Research on medieval history and visual culture

Supervisor of MA and PhD students

Head of the Centre for Medieval Studies 2020-2021

Areas of research

Social history of medieval and early modern era

Medieval visual culture

Church furnishings

Gender studies (medieval and early modern era)

Animals in medieval and early modern period