Preschool of PhD studies

A doctoral degree is probably one of the most challenging learning experiences anyone can undertake. This multi-year project will take you from the level of a competent professional to becoming an independent researcher in the Educational Sciences.

Admission to the Doctoral Program is the first hurdle to overcome in this journey, as there are few Junior Researcher positions, and your application needs to be carefully aligned with the research lines and concrete projects at the School of Educational Sciences. This doctoral preschool will help you craft your PhD project proposal, and it will put you in contact with some of Estonia’s leading Educational Sciences’ researchers and their funded projects. It will also answer questions like: should I do a PhD? what is expected of me as a PhD student in the program? how is the everyday experience of a PhD student? what kinds of obstacles will I face during this learning process?

The Pre-School will consist of two synchronous sessions (via Zoom), as well as scaffolded individual work on your PhD project proposal, and feedback on your proposal from both your prospective supervisor and independent researchers at the School of Educational Sciences.

Learning outcomes
After the Pre-School, participants will…

  • … have a complete, solid PhD project proposal to submit for the Admission to the Doctoral Program of Educational Sciences
  • … understand the expectations and challenges that undertaking a doctoral degree entails

Inge Timoštšuk, Administrator of the Doctoral Studies Programme
Tobias Ley, Head of Admissions of the Doctoral Studies Programme
Luis P. Prieto, Senior Research Fellow at the School of Educational Sciences

Structure and dates
1. First synchronous session (via Zoom, 5 Apr, 4pm-6pm)

  • Introduction to the Pre-School structure and objectives (Luis Pablo Prieto Santos)
  • Structure of the Educational Sciences Doctoral Program (Tobias Ley)
  • Presentation of research lines and projects at TLU’s School of Educational Sciences
  • Tips and strategies to write the perfect PhD project proposal (Tobias Ley)

2. Selection of research line and contacts with prospective supervisors
3. Work on the first draft of your PhD project proposal (with supervisor) (submit by 4 May). Upload it here.
4. Feedback on the proposal draft by HTI's academics (by 18 May)
5. Second synchronous session (via Zoom, 25 May, 4pm-6pm)

  • General feedback from the review of first drafts
  • Completing a PhD: motivational factors and challenges
  • The PhD experience: expectations from your supervisors and advice from your future selves
  • Q&A about PhD project proposal writing

6. Work with supervisor on refining the proposal
7. Submission of the final PhD project proposal

To register for the course, please use this form, by March 31st.


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