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Conference programme

Conference includes practical workshops instructed by experts from the field. Workshops are complemented by inspirational and thought provoking talks by guests from England (John Potter, University College London), Denmark (Claus Noer Hjorth, Danish Film Institute) and Finland (Marjo Kovanen ja Heli Metsätähti, Koulukino). All activities are focused on clever use of film and media in teaching any subjects.

Information about the first workshop session  
Information about second workshop session 

Why should you come?

  • to have fun and learn more about the visual world
  • to get new ideas on how to prepare your classes
  • to be inspired and to pass new knowledge on to your students
  • to be a pioneer and show the path instead of being left behind

What to expect?

  • engaging workshops by experienced educators in diverse subjects
  • practical pre-made assignments to later integrate into your classes
  • information on web-based learning materials and tools with free access
  • animation, film, and storytelling
  • best practices shared by your colleagues from Estonia and abroad

Who can join?

  • teachers of any age and any subject
  • other kind of educators 
  • teachers-to-be
  • educational policy-makers 

The conference is funded by Nordplus Horizontal project “Media Literacy, Reuse, and Heritage in Education”. Read more about the project HERE.

Project partners and support:

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