T he interdisciplinary Gender Studies Research Group at Tallinn University brings together gender researchers at the university. The research group is a member of RINGS - The International Association of Institutions of Advanced Gender Studies.

Aims and activities

  • to bring together and promote high quality interdisciplinary gender and feminist research at Tallinn University;
  • to enhance collaboration of gender researchers and others interested in gender studies (including PhD students) at Tallinn University through joint publications, events, information exchange etc.;
  • to advance international research cooperation in the area of gender and feminist studies; to form and develop partnerships with other universities and gender researchers in Estonia and abroad (joint publications, international mobilities, conferences and seminars, participation international research networks etc.);
  • to develop gender studies courses and curricula at Tallinn University (courses in Estonian and English at all levels of study, courses in summer and winter schools and in doctoral schools, supervising student work at all levels etc.);
  • to ensure the sustainability of gender studies at Tallinn University through applying for external funding;
  • to popularise academic gender studies in Estonia (publishing articles in the Estonian media etc.);
  • to establish a Gender Studies Centre at Tallinn University.

The work of the Gender Studies Research Group is supported by the Tallinn University Research Fund between 1.09.2018-31.05.2021.

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