Tallinn University supports clever use of the options within the digital world, creativity and its resulting innovativeness, which give a competitive advantage to the individual, the institution and the country.

We are leaders in promoting digital literacy, studying the impacts of human-computer interaction, and developing digital didactics and study aids.

Centre of Excellence in Media Innovation and Digital Culture (MEDIT)

In the digital and media culture focus field operates TLU Centre of Excellence in Media Innovation and Digital Culture (MEDIT), which combines economy and humanitaries, to understand contemporary media culture and media markets and the ways they are dependent on each other.

The interdisciplinary centre of excellence has researchers from economic affairs, management, also semiotics, innovation researchers and narrativists. MEDIT is concerned with audiovisual media and its influence – from newspapers to new web channels, also research that contributes to storytelling in virtual and augmented realities.

It is a research and creativity centre. It means that our research is organically connected to development and experimental creativity works.

R&D centres in the focus field:

Centre for Educational Technology coordinates educational technology research, development and training activities. It investigates the development, adoption and use of technologies in several areas of society. Special focus is put on technologies in education (learning environments and technologies, digital competencies, game-based learning, location-based technologies for education), information environments and libraries (knowledge management, digital libraries and digital literacies), industry (ICT sector, healthcare, construction etc).

BFM Production Centre provides students with state of the art facilities and equipment to concieve, develop, shoot and finalise film and TV productions in a professional environment. Our centre is equipped with professional video, audio and post-production gear that allows students to create a wide range of film, TV and new media content.