The Institute of International Social Studies (IISS) is an interdisciplinary research and development institute in Tallinn University. Activities of IISS include the implementation of scientific projects.

IISS participates in numerous local and international research projects. Research fellows of IISS participate as experts in public discussion and as evaluators in policy planning.

Studies and research are well integrated; the teaching staff consists of specialists who teach subjects well-known to them through their research projects, and all of the students of IISS are offered the possibility of participating in these projects.

The Institute of International and Social Studies was established on 4th October 1988 as the Institute of Philosophy, Sociology and Law of the Academy of Sciences of the Estonian Soviet Socialist Republic, uniting the workgroups of the former Institute of History and Institute of Economy of the Academy of Sciences.

In 2008, two formerly independent establishments merged with IISS – the Chair of Social Sciences of the Estonian Institute of Humanities and the Department of Sociology of the Social Sciences Faculty. Today, in addition to research activities, IISS offered till 2015 both graduate and postgraduate education in sociology. Since September 2015, IISS has undergone structural reform and concentrates on research activities.

From previous project, most important is the 6th framework project “Towards a Lifelong Learning Society in Europe: the Contribution of the Education System” (LLL2010 –http:/ In LLL2010, 13 countries were participating and Prof Ellu Saar from TLU IISS was the coordinator.  At the moment, IISS coordinated Horizon2020 project „Social Exclusion of Youth in Europe: Cumulative Disadvantage, Coping Strategies, Effective Policies and Transfer (EXCEPT)“ ( In the EXCEPT, 9 countries are participating and it is coordinated by Senior Research Fellow Marge Unt from TLU IISS. 

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