Open research data is the data created and used by researches, research teams and institutes for research purposes that has been made electronically openly available and reusable. Depending on the field of research, the research data might be in different types and forms. Well organized, documented, stored and sharable data is valuable both to the researchers’ community as well as society at large. Today research data as such is not regulated at the national level, however in general the use of data is regulated by various regulations such as Public Information Act, Copyright Act etc. Research data repositories are digital archives for storing and making available research data and related metadata. In Estonia there are some sectoral data repositories, however there is currently no central research data repositories. 

In Estonia, research work is regulated in addition to the Organisation of Research and Development Act also by other laws (such as Personal Data Protection Act, Animal Protection Act, Penal Code, Human Genes Research Act etc.). Following the Organisation of Research and Development Act the Estonian Research Council monitor and analyses the following of ethical principles and good practices in the Estonian research work. The Implementation Plan 2016-2019 for achieving the objectives of the Estonian Research Development and Innovation Strategy 2014-2020 sets the principles for providing access to research publications and research related information. According to the strategy „Knowledge-based Estonia 2014-2020“ 2.11 is necessary to encourage open access to public-financed research results and research data. Support extensions to open access in research institutions and research libraries, and ensure access to the most important research databases. 

The management of research data means the organisation, documentation, preservation and archiving data, to ensure access and reusability of research data. Those interested in more information about research data management can find more information from the Tallinn University Academic Library, which also offers a guide and training “Research data management”