Educational Innovation

The whole world's education sector is facing changes. We aim to adapt teaching and learning to the 21st century circumstances: the changing labour market, the rapidly renewing information environment, a sociey that expects more proactivity and creativity from everyone. 

Digital and Media Culture

Digital media has developed into a branch of the economy that has the most influence on societal processes. We are leaders in promoting digital literacy, studying the impacts of human-computer interaction, and developing digital didactics and study aids. 

Cultural Competences

In an increasingly globalized world we are open to cultural, political and economic influences arising from different societies, their historical developments and traditions. We create opportunities for the development of the Estonian cultural sphere in the wider social context and for the participation of every member of the society within our culture.

Healthy and Sustainable Lifestyle

Intelligent, research-based choices for developing a healthy lifestyle and a sustainable way of thinking help to reduce the burden on nature, pressure on the social services and the demands to the healthcare sector. We support the development of society and well-being of the ageing population. 

Society and Open Governance

Contemporary society is characterized by growing uncertainty, fragmentation and mutual dependency. We help governance, institutions and the legal system cope with the new world and offers research-based and innovative solutions for public services, politicians, legal practitioners and non-governmental organizations.