Tallinn University promotes and develops an intelligent lifestyle in Estonia, thus supporting both Estonian sustainability, as well as self-actualization of individuals. Therefore, research communication and popularisation are very important aspects of our researchers' everyday work. 

  • Our most well-known and recognised project in the field of research popularisation is "1 minute lecture" (previously known as "Ask a Researcher"), which provides short, one-minute lectures on interesting topics. The aim of the project is to give knowledge-based answers to different questions that people face every day. In the project, our rearchers answer the questions that come from outside the university - people interested in research, teachers, students, parents, etc. The short videos are made public through Estonian National Broadcasting: research news portal Novaator and morning programme Terevisioon. Watch the one minute lectures here
  • The Institute of Natural and Health Sciences organizes the Nature Academy every year, which gives young scientists an idea of what science means and how to understand the different processes that take place in nature, what their connections are to our daily lives and how to study it all. In 2017, the Nature Academy also received the Estonian Science Popularization Award.
  • In order to introduce science and the work of researchers to different target groups, we organize a science week at Tallinn University at the end of September every year during the Science Night Festival. The program of which is very varied: we offer various workshops, lectures, film experiences, experiments, etc to those interested. The number of participants is growing each year.
  • Our latest initiative is Tallinn University's own series "Expert on Air", which brings exciting, broadening and educational topics to all interested parties. The range of topics is very wide, because the backgrounds of our university researchers and lecturers are so different - we have educators and technologists, psychologists, political scientists, digital technologists, ecologists, health scientists, sociologists and many others. So we can talk about almost everything on the show. The programs is hosted by BFM project manager Katrin Saks and lecturer Mart Soonik. The programs can be watched on Tallinn University's Facebook, YouTube and Zoom. All programs can be watched also later. We upload the materials to the website.
    "Expert on the Air" was awarded with the Estonian National Science Popularization Award in the autumn of 2020.
  • Tallinn University doctoral students participate in three minute lectures' competition, which is led by Estonian Academy of Sciences. During the competition, doctoral students introduce their work in a short lecture and the best ones are made public through different channels of Estonian National Broadcasting.
  • Also, Tallinn University researchers introduce their research or interesting knowledge through different exhibitions that are presented in the campus.