We contribute to the development of attitudes that value a healthy lifestyle and sustainable way of thinking. We are partners in developing an evidence-based lifestyle and recommendations for environmental organizations.

Centre of Excellence in Behavioral and Neural Sciences

In the healthy and sustainable lifestyle focus field operates TLU Centre of Excellence in Behavioural and Neural Sciences, which supports the realization of high-level interdisciplinary research projects that involve the study of behavioural sciences in cooperation with psychology, neurosciences and natural sciences.

Our research projects study the adaptive qualities and behavioural patterns of an individual and develop evidence-based methods of intervention in order to improve the physical wellbeing of people. We relate the molecular research of neurodegenerative processes to clinical studies in order to develop potential new drugs to treat neurodegenerative diseases (including Parkinson’s disease).

R&D centres in the focus field:

The Institute of Ecology conducts research that concentrates on the study of the structural-functional organisation of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems and their responses to changing environmental conditions. As a practical result, the data obtained in basic research is used to prognosticate the development of ecosystems, landscapes, communities and physiological changes in plants connected with natural processes, climate changes and human activities.

Competence Centre in Health Promotion and Rehabilitation promotes knowledge-intensive entrepreneurship in the fields of studying, developing and preserving local natural resources and the local population’s mobility and physical activity. Internationally recognized top specialists of health promotion and rehabilitation are involved in developing the centre.