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Centre of Excellence in Interdisciplinary Lifecourse Studies

In the society and open governance focus field operates TLU Centre of Excellence in Interdisciplinary Lifecourse Studies, which supports the implementation of high-level interdisciplinary research projects. These involve studies of life-course in cooperation with sociologists, demographers and political scientists.

We focus on the development of life-courses of different generations and social groups considering the institutional and social context.

R&D centres in the focus field:

The Estonian Institute for Population Studies combines research and training in core demography. It monitors, analyses and projects the existing and emerging trends that shape the demographic foundation of a society. The Centre also contributes to the development of a national system of population and social statistics, in cooperation with the Statistics Estonia and other institutions.

The Institute of International Social Studies (IISS) participates in numerous local and international research projects. Research fellows of IISS participate as experts in public discussion and as evaluators in policy planning.