PhD admissions at Tallinn University

Applications are accepted May 20 - July 1, 2024 at 15:00


Here’s what you need to know about the admission  to PhD studies:

Academic Requirements

Doctoral Level (PhD) applicants must have a research MA Degree or corresponding qualifications and experience. At least 60% of the possible maximum results is expected from an applicants Bachelor's and Master's studies. A doctoral programme requires considerably more original work than a research Master's programme. The thesis should provide evidence that the candidate has not only made a substantial original contribution to his/her field, but also that he/she has in-depth knowledge of the specific area in which he/she has worked. The duration of Doctoral programmes is 4–8 years according to the Individual Study and Research Plan.

Tallinn University Requirements and Procedure for the Admission to Degree Studies

Required Documents:
  • Copy of a Bachelor’s degree certificate or certificate of a corresponding qualification + Transcript of Records/Academic Transcript (official translations are requested if the documents are not in English); 
  • Copy of a Master’s degree certificate or certificate of a corresponding qualification + Transcript of Records (official translations are requested if the documents are not in English);
  • Copy of the identification page of passport;
  • Proof of English language Proficiency;
  • Curriculum Vitae;
  • Thesis proposal signed by the prospective supervisor;
  • Copy of a Sworn Affidavit to Confirmation of Name if the applicant's name stated in his/her passport differs from the name on any of the other required documents;
  • Applicants applying for adjustments to be made during the admission exams due to his/her physical or psycho-social special need must submit a copy of medical proof of this special need.

Please also read the country-specific requirements. There may be specific requirements of which documents need to be uploaded.

* Applicants will be given feedback in the online application system after the required documents have been submitted online and the application fee has been received. It is advised to submit the application and pay the application fee as soon as possible so as to have the chance to upload missing documents based on feedback by the Admission Specialists before the admission deadline. 


Applicants who have successfully passed their entrance exam, may be asked to send their educational documents to Tallinn University by post. Specific instructions will be given by the admission specialists to each applicant individually via the online application system. 

Whether any documents are required by post can also be determined by examining Tallinn University's country-specific requirements which may state, for example, that the applicant's Transcript of Records must be sent to Tallinn University by the awarding institution or that a document needs to be certified in a particular way. 

Admission exams

Description of the entrance exam can be found on the web site of the programme you are interested in. 

Minimum programme enrolment threshold: 75 points out of 100.

The university has the right to ask the applicant to show identification with the purpose of identity verification and record entrance exams that take place via video call. 

For additional requirements please read programme-specific requirements.

You can contact the admissions office at