Tallinn University Development Plan 2023-2027 sets a goal of becoming a smart and valued organisation that attracts employees and students. In the development of the university, we are focusing on systemic work organisation where potentials can be realised, and one of the pillars in creating such an organisation is an awareness of diversity and equal treatment of all university members.

 Each employee and student is entitled to a safe environment that supports their success in work and studies. As a university, we value the rights of our members and promote equal treatment by ensuring equal opportunities to work and obtain education for all. All university members are obligated to respect the rights of their co-workers and fellow students, and to behave in the working and studying environment in accordance with the generally acknowledged rules of conduct.

As a university, we have undertaken to promote equal treatment and prevent unequal treatment. As of September 2022, Tallinn University has the honour to bear the "Respecting Differences" label, we have drawn up the Gender Equality Plan and employ a Commissioner for Equal Treatment whose role is to give advice to and help all university members who feel that they have been discriminated against, as well as to provide information on equal treatment in the university.


Gender Equality Plan    

Commissioner for Equal Treatment

The role of the Commissioner for Equal Treatment is to advise and help all university members who feel that they have been discriminated against or bullied. If you suspect that you have been discriminated against at work or in your studies because of gender, age, nationality, colour, religion, beliefs, disability, sexual orientation, parenthood, family commitments or membership in the trade union, do not hesitate to contact the Commissioner and ask for advice.

 The Commissioner for Equal Treatment may also be contacted anonymously and this enables to assess the situation together with the Commissioner and decide on the next steps to be taken. We base the submission of a complaint or suspicion on confidentiality.