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Future School


Each participating school will have a team of five to six members, including the school leader, head of studies, and teachers who, with the support of the university, will become change leaders within the school. The participation of the school leadership is a crucial condition to ensure the success and spread of changes within the school.


In the Future School program, we work together to ensure that:

  • students take responsibility for their development,
  • teachers collaboratively develop new approaches to learning and teaching,
  • leaders know how to make the best choices in a changing and complex environment.

Empowering approaches for the school community cannot be taken off the shelf, as each school faces unique challenges. In the Future School program, we create innovative solutions through collaboration between school and university teams based on scientific foundations, supported by evidence, and bringing change to student learning.

Schools that complete the program will know what truly impacts student learning, how to support them effectively, and how to evaluate the impact of their work. By acquiring skills for evidence-based change management, a future school can make informed choices for its development in a world full of opportunities and integrate initiatives for systemic school culture change.


Over one academic year, we will develop a real solution from a new idea in the classroom and lay the foundation for lasting change. Monthly joint seminars will be held for participating schools in the development program, where:

  • knowledge about change management and evidence-based teaching is acquired,
  • the change process is conceptualized and prepared for practical actions in the school,
  • experiences and best practices are shared with other participating schools.

During the program, each school will be accompanied by a university team consisting of a consultant, trainers, and researchers. Each school will be advised by a consultant who supports the following:

  • the journey from problem to sustainable solution,
  • the collection of evidence to support targeted development,
  • Integrating change with the overall development of the school. 

School Investment  

  • Through the program, the school will receive:
  • regular consultations from a university consultant throughout the entire academic year to implement changes;
  • monthly seminars at Tallinn University to develop skills in evidence-based change management;
  • a training seminar for the entire school staff based on and supporting the school's changes;
  • a report on the results of a school culture survey;
  • A study visit to a school that has previously participated in the Future School program;
  • A certificate or proof of completion from Tallinn University's continuing education program.

The participation fee for the Future School program is 12,000 euros per school. A training contract will be signed with the participating school.