Date Event

Deadline for submitting theses


Period for Thesis Defense and Final exams
08.06.2020 Deadline for graduating students to inform their study counsellors of the need to use TLU premises for their e-defence
03.07.2020 Graudation Ceremony of School of Governance, Law and Society

Thesis Defense/Final exam dates

Law, BA, Estonian  08.06-09.06

Law BA, English  15.06 Tallinn, 18.06 Helsinki

Political Science BA 15-16.06

Sociology BA 17.06

Social Work BA 25.05

Public and Business Management BA 15-16.06

Politics and Governance BA 15-16.06

Liberal Arts BA 17.06

Law MA 16.06

Sociology MA 17.06

Political Science MA 19.06

Social Work MA 17.-18.06

Social Pedagogics and Child Protection MA 17.-18.06

Public Management MA  19.06

Social Entrepreneurship MA  18.06

International Relations MA  18.06

Politology MA 19.06


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