The development of the Institute is monitored and guided by a scientific board and administered by a director and research secretary.

Researchers of the Institute are participating in collaborative projects, and represent Estonia in several international networks and expert groups.

Luule Sakkeus (PhD in Demography) - Research Professor, Director of the Institute. Population health, foreign origin population and intergenerational relationships, population surveys. E-mail 

Allan Puur (PhD in Demography) - Research Professor. Fertility and family formation, population ageing, demographic data sources. ( )

Martin Klesment (PhD in Demography) - Senior Research Fellow. Population economic activity, fertility, historical population data. ( )

Michel Poulain (PhD in Demography) - Senior Research Fellow. Longevity determinants, international migration statistics and applied demography. ( )

Lauri Leppik (PhD in Social Sciences) - Senior Research Fellow. Social policy, retirement behavior. (

Kersti Lust (PhD in History) - Senior Research Fellow. Historical population trends. (

Merike Sisask (PhD in Social Sciences) - Senior Research Fellow. Population health. (

Leen Rahnu (PhD in Demography) - Researcher. Fertility and family formation, foreign origin population.(

Hannaliis Jaadla (PhD in Demography) - Researcher. Historical population trends. (

Anne Herm (PhD in Demography) - Researcher. Population ageing and living arrangements of the elderly, demographic data collection.  (

Katrin Schwanitz (PhD in Demography) - Researcher. Family demography. (

Tiina Tambaum (MA, Mag, MBA) - Researcher, Project Manager. Active ageing, older people learning. (

Mark Gortfelder ((MA in History) - Researcher. Historical demography. (

Liili Abuladze (MSc in Population Studies) - Project Manager, Researcher. Fertility, foreign origin population, intergenerational relationships. ( )