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Estonia was the first country to introduce comprehensive e-governance methods for the entire society. Among those solutions are e-voting, e-residency, e-medicine, e-school, data embassies etc.

The country has learned that development of e-solutions needs to be understandable to the civil society and include human rights protection elements, so that any e-governance solution takes also into account the need to safeguard basic human rights.

The module will address the challenges connected to e-governance development in the human rights framework and introduce more broadly the variety of issues connected with the digital domain from human rights perspective. Among those issues special attention is given to horizontal and vertical governance approaches, corporate social responsibility in using digital solutions, protection of personal data and the role of social media vis-à-vis safeguarding fundamental rights.


COURSES available include:

  • Challenges of e-governance
  • New human rights 
  • Social media and society
  • Transnational data protection
  • Current topics in human-computer interaction
  • Human rights and business 
  • Contemporary challenges in human rights law 
  • Globalization and identify in society 
  • Study trips and excursions



Located in the capital of Estonia, this study programme on cyber security and e-governance explores strategies that states can take to protect themselves from the new vulnerabilities that exist in the digital era.  In 2007 Estonia was the first state to suffer a cyber-attack from another state (Russia).  In the time since Estonia has set itself apart as a leader in e-governance with several innovating developments including online voting, e-residency, and the world’s first data embassy. 

Estonia has been critical in promoting and shaping cyber security in NATO and beyond.  Building on Estonia’s experiences and expertise in cyber security and e-governance, students will have the opportunity to experience first-hand how Estonia’s e-governance innovations can enable a small state to thrive in a turbulent world. 



  • Challenges of e-governance 

  • Cyber security and international relations 

  • Small states in the digital world

  • Democratic vulnerabilities in a digital era 

  • Politics and Government in the Baltic States 

In addition to the classroom learning the study abroad will be filled with practical and cultural experiences. These include visits to key institutions in Tallinn, including the parliament of Estonia (Riigikogu), the Information System Authority (RIA), the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence, and Enterprise Estonia (EAS). 



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