COST CA17114 – Transdisciplinary solutions to cross sectoral disadvantage in youth (YOUNG-IN)

This COST Action aims to understand the interrelationship of disadvantages that young people across Europe face in the process of entering the adulthood and how policies can mitigate this negative spill-over effect. Specifically, we are interested in sets of circumstances and factors that prevent young people from:

  • finding a decent job;
  • starting a family when they want;
  • making their voice heard in the policy process.

The scientific challenge that the proposed Action addresses is to build awareness and mutual usability of research findings across research disciplines and societal contexts . This understanding is especially important due to the fact that life domains are interrelated and disadvantages in one domain may cause negative spillover effect in another. Based on transdisciplinary knowledge on disadvantages it is possible to propose relevant policy interventions to tackle such situations and eventually to reduce risk of social exclusion. Focus is on cross-sectoral youth policy and investment approach in social policy that represent two efforts in finding novel solutions to contemporary concerns. Yet the problem is that both are taken for granted as good solutions for youth without further in depth investigation. The Action sees its societal challenge in understanding how the approach to social investment and relevant policy interventions can be applied to young people without bringing about increase in inequality.

Action keywords
youth disadvantages - transition to adulthood - social investment - social exclusion – citizenship

Start date - 19/09/2018
End date - 18/03/2023

Total Grant Budget – 662254€

Participants from Tallinn University:
Prof Anu Toots - Action Chair
Dr Triin Lauri – WG5 Leader
Prof Marge Unt – WG1 Co-Leader
Mr Tõnu Idnurm – Grant Manager


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