The research seminar series of the SOGOLAS introduces our key research directions and activities to both the staff and students of the School as well as colleagues from other schools with the aim of promoting interdisciplinary research cooperation both within and between sectors. Research seminars are organised by the Centre of Excellence in Interdisciplinary Lifecourse Studies, research centres (Institute for International Social Studies and Estonian Institute for Population Studies), the Research Board of the SOGOLAS, academic fields, research groups and project teams.


SOGOLAS Research Seminar: A critical relational perspective on peace & security in CEE,15.05.2024  at 16.00, M-649

SOGOLAS Research Seminar: Moral panics and affectively invested action 24.04.2024 at 15.15, M-649

SOGOLAS Research Seminar: Professor Mart Susi 28.09.2022 at 4pm, M-648

SOGOLAS Research Seminar: Professor Lauri Leppik 14.09.2022 at 4pm, M-649

IET Open Seminar (T. Lauri, K. Põder) 15.03.2021

SOGOLAS Research Seminar Dr Birgit Poopuu: ‘Impossible People’ in an Impossible Revolution: When Nonviolent and Radical Politics Is Met with Violence03.03.2021

IET Open Seminar: "Recent fertility decline and partnership dynamics in Finland: a cohort approach" 22.02.2021 Leen Rahnu

SOGOLAS Research seminar: Peeter Selg, Georg Sootla, Benjamin Klasche 17.02.2021


SOGOLAS  & School of Natural Sciences and Health seminar: Merike Sisask, Airi Värnik, Peeter Värnik. Advancing suicide research.  02.12.2020



SOGOLAS Research seminar: Prof. Mika Aaltola. 18.11.2020

Recording in Youtube

SOGOLAS Research seminar in Zoom: György Schöpflin “Democracy, Power and Complexity”. 04.11.2020

SOGOLAS Research seminar: Lehte Roots "EU law and migration from the legal perspective". 30.09.2020

SOGOLAS Research Seminar: Peeter Selg. Introducing relational political analysis: political semiotics as a theory and method. 11.03.2020

Research Seminar by TLU Centre of Excellence in Interdisciplinary Lifecourse Studies: Katrin Schwanitz. 02.03.2020

SOGOLAS Research Seminar: Jakub Dostál and Anita Kéri. The economic potential of international students volunteering 26.02.2020

SOGOLAS Research Seminar: Katri-Liis Reimann. The concept of social innovation and living labs 20.11.2019

SOGOLAS Research Seminar: Scopus Diaries by Abel Polese. The Scopus Diaries and the (il)logics of academic survival. 16.10.2019

SOGOLAS Research Seminar: Relations between Czechs and the European Union 1989-2019: Why Czechs are so Euro-sceptical?15.05.2019.

SOGOLAS Research Seminar: Allan Puur. Population development in an Estonia-centric and comparative view 17.04.2019 (Gallery)

SOGOLAS Research Seminar: policy-making - drawing up an action plan or practical discourse 20.03.2019

SOGOLAS Research Seminar Mart Susi. "The Decrease of Universality and Abstractness Thesis in New Human Rights Development"20.02.2019

SOGOLAS Research Seminar: Merike Sisask. Digital world of indigenous people and digital immigrants - challenges in the mental health field. 12.12.2018

SOGOLAS Research Seminar: Mihkel Kangur. 28.11.2018 (gallery)

SOGOLAS Research Seminar: Marju Lauristin, Triin Vihalemm and Peeter Selg. The potential of  Social Sciences in managing wicked problems and learning to manage changes. 14.11.2018

SOGOLAS Research Seminar: Luule Sakkeus and Allan Puur. Migration processes and their impact
31.10.2018 (gallery)